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How we make our wine

Griffith Park is a bottled fermented sparkling wine from Australia.


Vineyard sites are carefully selected to guarantee that the fruit they produce has the appropriate flavour and style profiles for sparkling base wine.  This ensures that the wine shows lots of fruit and generosity but retains the fineness and acidity important in producing quality sparkling wines.

Before Griffith Park Sparkles...


The base wine (no bubbles) is produced –
This takes place in stainless steel tanks.


Bubbles are added via -

Sugar and yeast are added to the base wine. The wine is immediately bottled (under crown seal). Fermentation then takes place in the bottle.

The bubbles being created from the fermentation process.

This process is the same as how Champagne is produced ie Method Champenoise or Method Traditonnele.

The wine then rests on its fermentation lees (sediments from dead yeast) in a temperature monitored cellar, and builds up flavour, texture and complexity. After the appropriate maturation period the wine is then removed from the bottle.

GRIFFITH PARK then is produced under a Transfer Method which differs from Method Champenoise as the secondary fermentation does not take place in the actual bottle sold. Under the transfer method the total contents of the bottles are decanted with their lees, under pressure, into a tank where the batch is checked, liquored, and filtered into brand new bottles, then corked and sealed with a hood.

This provides a consistent and uniform wine.