our wines - how to pour sparkling wine

sparkling wine top tips

1. Make sure the wine is cold.

2. Don't shake the bottle.

3. Turn the bottle instead of pulling the

Unwrap the Hood

Find the tab on the neck of the bottle, pull the tab, remove the foil.

Uncage the Cork

Take off the wire cage by twisting the metal loop counter clockwise. Keep your other hand on the cork to prevent it from flying out.

Bottle Twist

Holding on to the cork, twist the bottle gently back and forth, keeping your hand firmly on the cork until you can feel it easing out. Use your thumb to prise it from the bottle. Keep the bottle pointed away from you and anyone else and at 45 degrees to prevent any spillage.

Popping the Cork

The cork should pop out – gently – not with a bang (otherwise will splash everywhere).

Never Use a Corkscrew

The bottle is under strong pressure and could explode.

Pouring the Sparkling Wine

Take a glass and pour a small amount, holding the glass at a 45 degree angle.

The bubbles will rise gently, let them settle, and then top up the glass.

Drink the Sparkling Wine

Hold the glass by the stem – this prevents the sparkling wine warming up.

Keep the bottle on ice when not pouring.

Storage of Opened Wine

If you don’t get through the bottle place a champagne stopper in the top and store in fridge.

You can also try putting a metal teaspoon, handle first, into the neck.

Aim is to keep the air out. Keep cold.